• 2018 left the Oklahoma weather with many extremes

    By: Megan McClellan


    Quick Facts:


    Every year it seems like there are some extreme happenings in Oklahoma when it comes to weather. Sometimes it is a crazy temperature while others it is a large amount of rain.

    2018 didn't disappoint for the different extremes. Four of the eleven extremes listed by the Oklahoma Mesonet happened in Green Country.


    • Highest Air Temp:
      • 113.0°F
      • Grandfield on 7/19/2018
    • Highest Heat Index:
      • 120.5°F
      • Pawnee on 7/19/2018
    • Lowest Air Temp:
      • -7.6°F
      • Miami on 1/17/2018
    • Lowest Wind Chill:
      • -22.1°F
      • Eva on 1/16/2018
    • Highest Wind Gust:
      • 84.6 mph
      • Inola on 8/19/2018
    • Highest Dew Point Temp:
      • 82.7°F
      • Webbers Falls on 7/2/2018
    • Longest Stretch without Measurable Precip:
      • 137 Days
      • Hooker from 10/10/2017 - 2/24/2018
    • Greatest 1-hr Rainfall:
      • 3.65"
      • Mt. Herman on 5/22/2018
    • Greatest 24-hr Rainfall:
      • 14.48"
      • Fittstown on 9/22/2018
    • Greatest 1-hr Temperature Change:
      • 68.4 to 35.2°F
      • East side of OKC on 2/20/2018
    • Greatest 24-hr Temperature Change:
      • 100.6 to 32.7°F
      • Alva on 4/17/2018

    More Details:

    The rainfall in Fittstown in mid-September is the highest 24-hour rainfall total that has ever happened at a Mesonet site.

    If you remember the Inola/Chouteau tornado, the highest wind gusts at a Mesonet site for 2018 was recorded in Inola as the tornado was passing by. That makes it the 4th tornado that has happened or hit an Oklahoma Mesonet site.

    More information about some of the other extremes and a look at past extremes can be found here: Oklahoma Mesonet Ticker

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