10 years later: December 2007 Ice Storm

Quick Facts

  • Freezing rain happened in the area for more than 36 hours
  • One to two inches of rain fell across the area
  • More than 200,000 home were without power for several days
  • FOX23 Meteorologist Brad Carl is digging into how rare it is to see a storm like this on FOX23 News at 5 and 9.

Whether it is freezing rain or snow, winter weather in Green Country can be dangerous. The freezing rain collects on power lines and tree branches leading to an increased risk.

Early December in 2007 there was a dangerous ice storm that moved through.

The Tuesday before the weekend weather event, the National Weather Service in Tulsa was already getting concerned about hazards moving in.

As thunderstorms moved through, dropping one to two inches of rain, the droplets began to freeze on contact. Temperatures were below freezing allowing the freezing rain to stick to the trees and power lines. Thankfully ground temperatures were in the low 40s keeping the rain from sticking to the roads. Bridges nad overpasses did freeze in some places causing travel problems.

Travel problems were not the biggest concern though. Instead, the freezing rain left more than 200,000 homes without power for several days.

After several days with freezing temperatures, things finally climbed above freezing late Monday allowing the ice to start to thaw.

FOX23 Severe Weather Team: It's cold today but 10 years ago, a bad ice storm hit Green Country. FOX23 Meteorologist Megan McClellan and FOX23 Michael Seger talk about what happened 10 years ago.

Posted by FOX23 News on Friday, December 8, 2017