Sand Springs students walk out in protest of budget cuts

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Students in Sand Springs were the latest to walk out in Oklahoma
  • The students at Charles Page High School and Central Ninth Grade walked out for 22 minutes
  • The students say they are concerned about recent cuts to education in Oklahoma
  • Students who missed class were marked absent
  • The district did not sanction the walkout, but said they will let students express their concerns
  • The superintendent met with students, who also expressed concerns over school violence
  • They told her the money from cuts could have been used to improve security

Superintendent herry Durkee shared this statement: 

This morning at 9:00 a.m. students at both the Central Ninth Grade Center and Charles Page High School, conducted a peaceful demonstration for 22 minutes. Their protest symbolized the $22 million cuts to education in our state this fiscal year.

I spent this time with students at CNGC who articulated the reasons for their demonstration.

They connected the fear of school violence to the lack of funding support in our state and making the point that these dollars could be used to improve school security. It was a great reminder that our students are aware of the issues and truly have formulated opinions about them.

However, it saddens me that some of our students worry about being safe at school. They are also very aware of the low teacher pay in the state of Oklahoma.

Today strengthens my resolve and commitment, even more than before to advocate for our students, teachers and for public education in Oklahoma and across our nation.

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