Sand Springs parent demands action after student posts picture of her son with racial caption

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — A Sand Springs parent is taking legal action after a student made a Snapchat post of her son which included racial slurs.

Adrian Colbert said she was out of town Thursday when he received a call about his cousin, Damion Leathers, who’s pictured in the snapchat.

“I get the call from his brother. He’s crying, just pure fear,” Colbert described.

Thursday, a student posted a picture of Damion and the picture was captioned, “$2,000 reward if captured. NPC.”

‘NPC’ stands for non-playable character, which references online gaming.

According to the student who originally posted the picture, he told family and friends that he and Damion are friends. He added that a third student screenshotted the picture and edited the racial slurs on it.

The edited caption said, “$2,000 reward if captured. Slave on the run. Last seen at the Underground Railroad.”

“That’s not a joke,” Colbert said. “That’s not funny.”

Sand Springs Public Schools told FOX23 they were made aware of the incident Friday morning.

The statement from the district said, “Please know that we are taking these allegations seriously, and this kind of behavior is neither condoned nor tolerated.”

Colbert said his aunt, who’s Damion’s mother, is seeking legal advice about the incident. He said if he had a choice, he’d go straight to Gov. Kevin Stitt because he feels like Oklahoma’s Critical Race Theory Law (HB 1775) will bring more hatred into schools.

“The schools can only do so much. They can’t teach kids about these types of issues due to HB 1775. Governor Stitt said he [passed the law] for people’s feelings instead of the feelings of who it happened to, because he didn’t want to make kids feel shameful,” Colbert said.

He continued, “But how should we feel when our history is being swept under the rug?”

Colbert also said he doesn’t think Gov. Stitt understands how impactful these laws and incidents are to minorities.

“I wish he could have felt the anger, the fear and trauma,” Colbert said.

One Sand Springs High School mother — who wants to remain anonymous out of fear her son will receive backlash and discrimination — said she’s disgusted by the picture.

“I’m standing up for everyone that looks like him on that pictures because that could have been my child,” she said.

She also said racial incidents like this are traumatizing for the children.

“They can shut down, start getting depressed, even suicidal thoughts,” she said. “You don’t know. There’s all kinds of staff that can be going through a kid’s head, dealing with stuff like this.”

Sand Springs Public Schools said the incident is still being investigated.