Sand Springs outlaws being topless in public, regardless of gender

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — The Sand Springs City Council passed an emergency ordinance Wednesday to outlaw the act of being topless in public regardless of gender.

The ordinance does not apply to children under 10, women who are breastfeeding or to those suffering a medical emergency.

"With this action, Sand Springs has eliminated a part of our ordinance that may have been discriminatory, and makes our position consistent with other communities across our state and around the country. This ordinance protects our community standards and values, while also respecting the 14th amendment rights of all people and the jurisdiction of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals." - Sand Springs Police Department

A recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision put a topless ban on hold in Colorado. The ruling put the ban into question in other states in the 10th Circuit, including Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's attorney general announced late last month that regardless of the decision, the topless ban would remain in effect for women across the state.

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