Sand Springs loan agency helps catch fraud suspect in the act

Sand Springs loan agency helps catch fraud suspect in the act

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Sand Springs police said a loan agency helped catch a fraud suspect in the act.

Police said a woman applied over the phone for a loan with World Finance using someone else’s stolen financial information.

Before the woman came in to complete her application, employees at the agency found some discrepancies in the loan application. The person whose information she was trying to use had gotten a loan from the agency before. The employees called the real client, who told them she had not applied for another loan and that her financial information had been stolen over the summer in Elk City.

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When the suspect, Channa Shelton, came into World Finance, employees staged a quasi-sting. An employee stalled Shelton as they went over the application, and another employee called police.

Police said Shelton lied to officers, saying she was the real client. When she realized they knew the truth, she tried to run away but they caught her.

Officers said Shelton later admitted she was trying to get a loan using someone else’s information. She said she had traded drugs for the license.

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