• Sand Springs child reports attempted abduction, Owasso mother reports similar behavior


    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Sand Springs Police posted about an attempted abduction
    • A woman allegedly tried to lure a girl near the 6th Grade Center with French fries
    • The attempted abductor drove a white minivan with tinted windows
    • Officers intend to patrol the area more heavily


    Police are investigating after a child reported an abduction attempt in Sand Springs.

    Sand Springs police said they are stepping up their presence after a suspect in a white minivan reportedly tried to lure a girl near the sixth grade center with French fries.

    The suspect is described as a heavy set woman in her twenties with brown hair and glasses.

    School officials say they now have more staff outside before and after school, and all students who walk home will have to exit through the front door, so staff can keep their eyes on them.

    The superintendent said school officials also did a refresher on strangers with all middle and elementary students.

    Owasso police said a local mother also contacted them saying a woman matching the description of the Sand Springs suspect also in a white minivan was out taking pictures of her and her children Friday.

    Officers said they do believe this is the same woman reported in Sand Springs.

    They stepped up their own presence at local schools and say they want to talk to the women.


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