Sand Springs Animal Welfare shelter improvement funding on the ballot

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Sand Springs Animal Welfare is encouraging people to vote yes on a bond proposal that would provide the organization with a bigger facility.

“We have really outgrown our facility here, so we’re hoping to get some bigger areas,”” said Animal Welfare Coordinator in Sand Springs Tracy Arvidson.

The new facility would be expected to be at least twice the size of their current one. Arvidson told FOX23 how the facility would be utilized if residents vote in favor of the bond proposal.

“We will have meet and greet rooms so people can get to know the animals, so they’ll know which ones best fit their homes,” said Arvidson. “We will have isolation areas and quarantine areas, and areas for puppies and kittens.”

She also added the need for more space is urgent, especially for cats in need.

“This shelter wasn’t really built for cats at all. So we will really have some really nice cat areas and free roam rooms where they can go outside on the patio and all kinds of stuff like that,” Arvidson explained.

Currently, their facility is facing extreme overcrowding, and the organization recently almost had to euthanize animals due to this issue.

Thankfully, Arvidson told FOX23 the public came through, and Sand Springs Animal Welfare found 20 new homes for dogs.

“We’ve had a really good response,” Arvidson said. “We had lots of adoptions and several people have stepped up to foster. We’re really excited about that, and summer time we’re going to do another $25 adoption event next month.”

For information on where you can vote in Oklahoma’s Primary Election, you can check out the Oklahoma Voter Portal.