Sand Springs Animal Welfare faces overcrowding, asks public for help

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Dogs currently being housed in the Sand Springs Animal Welfare are in danger of being put down due to overcrowding in the shelter.

“We are just incredibly full right now, we have nowhere to put anything,” Animal Welfare Coordinator for the City of Sand Springs Tracy Arvidson.

She explained the situation is unlike any the shelter has faced in recent years.

Arvidson continued, “We are probably at about a 120 percent right now on the dogs, so we are over full. We are over our compacity, we’ve had a 96 percent live release rate for the last four years on dogs and haven’t had to euthanize for spades, but that’s what we are looking at.”

She also said a big reason for overcrowding is lost dogs turned into the shelter. Owners aren’t coming to pick up their pets fast enough.

“It’s really backing up our system,” Arvidson explained.

To save a dog from being euthanized, Arvidson said they need people willing to foster or adopt as soon as possible.

“We really need people to come foster or adopt or help out in any way they can,” she said. “We need space like now. We will probably have to start euthanizing towards the end of the day tomorrow.”

Arvidson said anyone willing can save a dog’s life by applying for adoption or being willing to foster. The Sand Springs Animal Welfare is also providing free training for anyone who adopts a dog. Additionally, there are low-cost options for those looking to adopt.

For more information, you can check out their website.