Sand Springs third grader fighting medulloblastoma

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — Blaise Schrepel, 9, is really showing how resilient children can be when it comes to fighting a potentially deadly disease. Days before Christmas he was diagnosed with Type 3 Medulloblastoma.

A tumor the size of a golf ball was found on the back of his brain. His parents say they knew something was wrong when he kept vomiting and having nausea. During an MRI scan, doctors found the tumor.

“It wasn’t believable at the beginning. Whenever they told us it didn’t process it just went over your head to think about what was happening,” said Blaise’s mom Jaycee.

Blaise had an immediate surgery to remove the tumor.

Jason Schrepel is a teacher in the Union School District. Thankfully, he’s been able to take time off while Blaise undergoes months of chemo and radiation. Over the last month, they’ve seen an outpouring of support, including from Blaise’s teachers.

A t-shirt fundraiser titled “Blast Off Blaise” is raising money to help the family. The t-shirt even features some of Blaise’s artwork. He’s a big fan of outer space with plans of becoming an astronaut or astronomer one day.

Blaise will have treatments until March. After that he’ll have routine checkups. As of now, doctors say the cancer didn’t spread to his spinal cord or his brain. Hopefully these treatments will knock out any other possible remaining cancer cells.

The deadline to buy a shirt is Jan. 31. If you’re interested, visit its website, or call or text 580-220-9770 or 605-484-0854.

Reach Church in Sand Springs has also set up a tax deductible giving link. You can find that link here. Just select “Schrepel” in the drop down menu.

Direct donations via Venmo, PayPal or CashApp can be given to @orangedeluxe.