Saint Francis Hospital security fires at car, Tulsa Police search for suspect

TULSA, Okla. — Saint Francis Hospital security are investigating a car crash on their property in south Tulsa.

Hospital officials say there was an incident at the main entrance of the hospital with a man who ended up driving his car onto the property’s front lawn.

Tulsa Police say security escorted the man from the main lobby for a reason they weren’t sure of. Officers say the man got in his car to drive off by rammed a security car and swerved toward two security officers.

TPD says hospital security fired twice at the car, hitting the car but not the suspect. After crashing on the lawn, police say the man got out of his car and ran off. No TPD officers were involved in the incident but are now investigating and searching for that suspect.

No one was injured in the crash or shooting.

Saint Francis later released this statement addressing the incident:

“This afternoon, a man came to the Yale campus to visit a patient. He became belligerent to the front desk staff. In response, they called security. Security officers escorted the man out to his vehicle. He continued to verbally abuse security officers. After getting into his vehicle, he proceeded to speed toward our officers and rammed into the security vehicle. He then steered his vehicle and sped toward our officers individually trying to hit them. Our officers fired one shot each at the vehicle in self-defense. The officers were not hit. The man then drove west out the main driveway of the hospital and crashed his vehicle into a transponder. Tulsa Police Department arrived at the hospital quickly. We’re thankful for our security officers’ and TPD’s immediate response.”

Friday’s incident comes on the heels of a June 1, 2022 shooting at the hospital where four people were killed.

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