S. 417th W. Ave. closed at I-44/Turner Turnpike near Bristow through summer 2022

BRISTOW, Okla. — Both directions of S. 417th W. Ave are closed over the I-44/Turner Turnpike west of Bristow near mm 193 through summer 2022 after an over-height vehicle hit the bridge from the turnpike, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation reported.

All I-44/Turner Turnpike lanes remain open at this time. However, the turnpike will have overnight westbound road closures in the upcoming weeks so bridge repairs can be made. These closures will cause significant delays, and westbound motorists will need to find an alternate route between Bristow and Stroud such as SH-66. Traffic advisories will be sent ahead of those closures.

All motorists traveling in Oklahoma are reminded of the 14-foot vehicle height limit within the state. Motorists violating this restriction will be responsible for the cost of bridge repairs and can receive a minimum $249 fine.

ACCESS Oklahoma’s projected $1.29 billion upgrade to I-44/Turner Turnpike will ultimately rebuild the S. 417th W. Ave. bridge from a height of 15 feet, 3 inches to 18 feet, 6 inches across the turnpike.