• Rwandan genocide survivor seeks education in Tulsa to help children back home

    By: Paris Holmes


    TULSA, Okla. - Ishimwe Betrand is an artist and entrepreneur from Rwanda studying international relations at Oral Roberts University with the goal of providing a better life for children in his country.

    Betrand’s family survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994, but he said his family was left with nothing, including any money for school.

    Betrand said he met a British benefactor who agreed to pay for his schooling, but he eventually lost contact with him.  Betrand started selling his art and was able to pay his school fees and his family that way.

    After noticing all the other children suffering as he did, Bertrand began helping some of them go to school.  After a while, he started the Irembo Foundation to help even more kids.

    Betrand hopes the education he receives at ORU will help him expand the Irembo Foundation so that it can have a global impact.

    For more information on the foundation, visit irembofoundation.org.

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