Rogers County Sheriff aiming to put ballistic shields the the hands of every officer in the U.S.

Sheriff Scott Walton of Roger’s County Sheriff’s Office is aiming to save lives by raising funds to buy vital equipment to help keep law enforcement safe.

Walton started a non-profit organization, called Stand First, to raise money to purchase ballistic shields that protect officers if they are shot on duty.

“They can help save lives,” Sheriff Walton states.

The foundation will pay for the equipment through donations and the first shield has just been given to the Pottawatomie Sheriff’s Office. One of their deputies was shot seven times in October, when he was responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Walton said they aren’t just focusing on bullet proof shields, much of the funding will go towards medical equipment that can also save lives.

The goal is to roll this foundation across the whole county to put a shield in the hands of every officer in the United States.