• Rob Lowe visits the "Outsiders" house


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    •  Actor Rob Lowe visited the "Outsiders" house in Tulsa 
    • Lowe starred in the classic film based on the book "The Outsiders" 
    • The film shot in Tulsa in the 80s
    • The home used as a set for the film is being restored as a museum to the film 
    • Lowe posted a live tour of the home on his Instagram account 

    Actor Rob Lowe returned to Tulsa Friday to tour the home used as a set of the film "The Outsiders." 

    Lowe played Sodapop Curtis in the the classic film, which filmed in Tulsa in the 80s in one of his first film roles. He starred alongside Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise and Ralph Macchio. A Tulsa teen, S.E. Hinton, wrote the novel. 

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    The novel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its publication this year.  

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    Lowe posted a cryptic note on his Twitter account urging people who liked the movie to follow his Instagram account. 

    Lowe posted a photo with his son at the house on Instagram



    #birthday visit to where it all started. Thirty five years ago to the day. Passing the torch (or towel?)

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    Hip hop legend Danny O'Connor is currently restoring the house used as the Curtis home. FOX23 talked to him about it and shot 360 video of the house.

    We put together a series of tweets and Instagram posts from Hinton, Lowe and O'Connor here:



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