• Retired Tulsa firefighter promises 'surprise' for any returning thieves after burglary

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Someone reportedly stole Harry Baker's shotgun and Nissan Murano.
    • There is surveillance footage of the incident.
    • Baker said he left a message for any returning thieves.


    Tulsa police are looking to identify a thief who they say broke into a retired Tulsa fireman’s home and stole a shotgun and his Nissan Murano.

    It happened last week at his home near the Broken Arrow Expressway and Memorial.

    Harry Baker told FOX23 he believes the suspect may have been watching him. He said the thief was at his house just a few moments after he left.

    Surveillance video shows the suspect try to break into the house several different ways.

    When the suspect finally got inside, he was only there for two minutes before taking the shotgun and leaving in the Murano.

    Baker said the suspect came back four minutes later.

    Baker asked his neighbor to go check on the house after noticing that the alarm had tripped.

    He said the suspect was inside the house when his neighbor showed up, and the thief gave his neighbor some kind of excuse as to why he was there before she kicked him out.

    When the suspect left, he reportedly left in Baker’s Murano again.

    Baker said he’s learned to never leave car keys out in the open to a car left at home. Also, he said he's learned to let people know he’s home if someone comes to the door.

    Though Baker wasn’t home when the burglary happened, he said the thief did come ring his doorbell first to make sure no one was inside. He believes someone could’ve scared him off if anyone was home.

    Police are looking for Baker’s 2009, white Nissan Murano. It has an Oklahoma firefighter tag.

    Baker left a message for the burglar on the plywood that now covers his door in case the thief comes back. It reads, “Try it again punk. Got a surprise for you this time.”


    Baker didn’t disclose what the surprise was.

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