• Responders revive man found without pulse at Tulsa fire

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • A man was found without a pulse at the scene of a Tulsa fire Saturday night.
    • Crews at the scene were able to revive the man.
    • A Tulsa firefighter is sharing how it happened.


    A firefighter credited with a role in reviving a man who nearly died during a north Tulsa RV fire is telling his story.

    Paramedics administered a cyanide kit to a man who was found without a pulse at the scene of a fire near Independence and North Mingo Road Saturday night.

    The kit uses an IV to reverse the effects of cyanide in the blood of people who have experienced smoke inhalation during a fire but have not been badly burned.

    Officials say the kit, in addition to CPR, brought the man back to life, and he is currently in critical condition in an area hospital.

    Firefighters say they have used the kit for about four years.

    Captain Richard Williams with the Tulsa Fire Department says it feels good to save a life, but he says he and his team were just doing their job.

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