Residents upset after officers respond to wrong house


  • Hominy police respond to the wrong home after a call.
  • Residents who live in a Hominy apartment are upset after officers responded to the wrong house.
  • A woman and her fiance say officers went to their home and busted through the door without letting them know around 12:30 a.m. on Oct. 7.
  • The Hominy police chief says they were responding to two calls from a woman who claimed she was being beaten at the complex and felt the woman was in immediate danger.
  • Residents and neighbors say the numbers on the apartment can be difficult to read, but say the situation could have been handled differently.
  • The city manager told FOX23 he is aware of the situation and says the city is working with the police department to address the issue.
  • The Hominy police chief said they are still investigating the situation.
  • The department is working on fixing and repairing the door damage.

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