Report details incident involving Oklahoma governor’s son and found box of guns

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. — Documents from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office say John Stitt, the son of Gov. Kevin Stitt, was involved in an incident involving a found box of guns on Halloween.

An incident report for the sheriff’s office listed John Stitt as one of five involved, all under the age of 21, near a haunted house in Guthrie on Oct. 31.

A lieutenant with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office said in the report that he was called to the haunted house for a box found in the parking lot with firearms inside. The box contained two rifles, two pistols, several magazines and ammunition inside.

The report went on to say a white male, later identified as 20-year-old John Andrew Stitt, walked up the lieutenant to claim the box. The report said an odor of alcohol could be smelled on him, his speech was slurred and his pupils were dilated. He later admitted to be intoxicated with alcohol.

John Stitt told the lieutenant who he was, and that the box had been in his truck and was removed by an unknown person. He said he had left his truck unlocked, but nothing else was missing from the truck. John Stitt said one pistol in the box did belong to his father.

Alcohol was also found in the truck. The report said a woman driving the truck did not appear intoxicated.

The incident report said an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper escorted the five people in the truck, driven by the sober driver, and the box of firearms to Stillwater and secured the firearms.

No charges were filed against John Stitt or others involved. FOX23 has reached out for comment from Gov. Stitt’s office and has not yet heard back.