Remington Tower break-in leads Tulsa police to theft arrest

Remington Tower break-in leads Tulsa police to theft arrest

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police said a trespassing call led to the discovery of stolen goods and a stolen vehicle.

A security guard caught a man trespassing in Remington Tower early Tuesday morning and tried to catch him, according to police.

Remington Tower is currently boarded up and empty because of damage from the 2017 Tulsa tornado. The tower has security guarding it to keep people from breaking in.

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Police said the man broke free from the security guard and ran away, still wearing handcuffs.

Officers followed the suspect’s truck when they spotted it leaving followed it into the Academy Sports parking lot.

Police said identified Colten Stevens as the driver and said he still had a handcuff on his wrist.

Officers found multiple fake checks, credit cards and a book full of account numbers and passwords with Stevens. He admitted to police he had four fake checks with his name on them, officials said.

Stevens is facing charges for stolen vehicle, stolen property and four counts of possession of a stolen check.

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