Records show aggression from Rogers County dog

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

A dog shot and left on a woman's front porch by a Rogers County deputy may have been aggressive with other people in the past.

Angela Laymon wants the county to pay for medical expenses after the deputy shot her dog and left him bleeding on the porch with a note.

The note said the dog tried to attack the deputy, so it was shot.

The story went viral and some people came forward to say they were threatened by the dog, too.

"This isn't just a sweet, innocent dog. The dog was trained to be like that," one woman said. She asked not to be identified.

The woman told FOX23 she's worried about retaliation but wanted the whole story told.

"I just don't think it's fair to bring negative backlash to the deputies," she said.

The woman shot cellphone video last March when she had an argument with Laymon over a purchase.

Laymon runs a car sales business out of her home.

The woman told investigators that Laymon ordered the dog to attack her.

"It scratched at my ankle and bit me on my hip," she said.

Charges were not filed, because the woman was on Laymon's property.

Another report from 2014 says the dog bit a man's ankle, drawing blood, when he was on the property looking at a car.

Charges weren't filed then either, but documents show the deputy told Laymon to keep the dog away if she wants to have vehicles for sale on the property. Laymon agreed.

Sheriff Scott Walton said the deputy who shot the dog feels terrible. The deputy was at the home as part of an investigation of a neighboring home.

"We were there in the most official capacity for the investigation," Walton said.

He said there were no "Beware of Dog" signs. Logs show that when the deputy shot the dog, multiple deputies came to the scene and spent over an hour trying to help the dog before leaving the note.

Walton said they tried to call a nearby animal control, but they couldn't respond, because it was out of their jurisdiction.

The whole incident is under investigation. FOX23 reached out to Laymon for comment, but she said it was a bad time and that the dog is losing his leg.