Razor blades found on Catoosa Walmart shopping carts

CATOOSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A Catoosa mother said she was nicked by a razor blade attached to a shopping cart at a Catoosa Walmart.
  • Walmart employees said they found other razor blades on shopping carts Saturday.
  • The Walmart is conducting regular checks.

A Catoosa mother wants to warn others after she says she was nicked by a razor blade attached to a shopping cart handle at the Walmart in Catoosa.

Haley Waller says Saturday, a Walmart employee helped her find what turned out to be a razor blade that someone slid between the metal cart and plastic handle.

Waller says an employee told her it was the third razor blade that someone turned in that same day.

FOX23 reached out to Walmart’s corporate office for a comment.

A spokesperson for the company released this statement:

“We’re dumbfounded that someone would do this in our store; this is appalling. We have checked all of our shopping carts and are continuing regular checks. Additionally, we are reviewing our surveillance footage in the hopes of identifying who did this so we can alert police and prevent this from happening elsewhere.”


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