Rare white bald eagle spotted in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation shared video of a rare bald eagle sighting.

Justin Briley shot the video of the white bald eagle.

“Oklahoma seems to be a great place to spend the winter – especially if you’re an eagle,” ODWC officials said in the Facebook post. “While there isn’t any way to confirm that this is the same one seen repeatedly along the Illinois River last year, leucistic eagles are VERY rare, and a treat to see in outdoor Oklahoma.”

In Feb. wildlife officials shared another photo of an all-white eagle spotted in the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge near Vian, Okla. Greg Silva was credited for that photo. After that siting, ODWC says bird enthusiasts from across the country traveled to the refuge to get see the eagle for themselves.

ODWC says the abnormal color is caused by a genetic condition, which prevents pigments from reaching its feathers.