QuikTrip experiments with new in-store 'beer cave'

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • QuikTrip is testing a new "beer cave" at a Collinsville store.
  • It consists of a separate room where refrigerated beer is kept.
  • FOX23 Rick Maranon explains the concept Thursday on FOX23 News at 6.

Tulsa-based QuikTrip is testing out its first ever "beer cave" at its convenience store near state highways 75 and 20 in Collinsville.

The test was launched a couple of months ago, but the convenience store chain wanted to launch it quietly so it could study how customers would react without much fanfare.

Company spokesman Mike Thornbrugh told FOX23 exclusively that if the Collinsville experiment is successful, beer caves could be in all QT stores across the country in the next 10-15 years.

Thornbrugh told FOX23 that liquor laws are still applicable, and people under 21 will not be allowed in at any time.

The beer cave experiment also comes at a time when Oklahoma is less than a year out from allowing convenience stores the ability to sell cold high-point beer and wine.

Some high-point brands, Thornbrugh said, require their products be sold refrigerated.

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