• Puppy recovering after being found in trash truck

    By: Amanda Hari


    Tulsa, Okla. - Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts (CARE) officials said they discovered a pet in a commercial trash truck, which usually results in a finding of a dead animal, but yesterday the story took an unexpected happy turn for the better.  

    After returning from a routine day-long trip, the employees at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer were surprised to hear noise and see something crawling out of a pile of garbage while they were emptying their truck. The puppy somehow survived the truck’s deadly compactor, soaring heat and found the strength to survive.

    Officials say the real hero in this story is the truck driver at the dump site, who cared enough to dig into the trash and rescue this 6-week old pup. 
    CARE Rescue, a local non-profit, all volunteer rescue organization was contacted and immediately took the necessary steps to get the puppy to safety. After finding him hot and thirsty, but otherwise in good condition, CARE Rescue was cautiously optimistic the little guy could recover.

    A few hours later, unfortunately, the ordeal caught up with him and he began having seizures and throwing up maggots. After rushing him to our veterinarian and spending the night on IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine, CARE Rescue has been holding out hope the puppy we named “Oscar” would take a turn for the better. Oscar is doing much better today. While the veterinarians believe he is suffering from head trauma and hemorrhaging in his eyes, they are optimistic Oscar will make a full recovery.  

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