Protecting your information after the Equifax breach

Protecting your information after the Equifax breach

Equifax announced last week that around 143 million Americans are at risk after a massive data breach.

The company offered free credit monitoring, but many missed the part in the fine print that included an arbitration clause removing a consumer's right to sue. However, the company has since removed that clause.

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Attorney Victor Wandres told FOX23 there have already been dozens of class action lawsuits filed since the breach was announced. They will cover Americans whose information was at risk. Identity thieves can use the stolen information to open a line of credit in someone else's name.

Experts recommend consumers read the fine print before signing up for anything and to avoid credit monitoring offers from Equifax, Experian or TransUnion. Instead, experts say to freeze your credit.

Officials with the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office said they have taken eight calls about Equifax and are in communication with the company and other states.

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