• Preparations underway for 2019 Tulsa State Fair

    By: Amanda Hari



    • Thursday marks 6 weeks until the Tulsa State Fair kicks off.
    • Preparations are underway at the Expo Square.
    • Officials say they spend all year preparing for the fair.
    • Tulsa State Fair 2019: What you need to know
    • The 2019 fair won't have an official theme, but the tagline will be "11 Days of Awesome".
    • The Expo Square has about 40 full time staff members but during fair season, they will scale up to 750.
    • There will be a number of new fair food items this year, the first to be announced is a pickledog--it will be like corndog that has a pickle in the batter.
    • The Tulsa State Fair runs from September 26th through October 6th.

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