Pregnant Tulsa woman bitten by venomous spider while sleeping

Pregnant Tulsa woman bitten by venomous spider while sleeping

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Kendall Butler was bitten by a brown recluse spider on her stomach while she was sleeping.
  • She is seven months pregnant.
  • The infection was killed with antibiotics, but doctors are concerned about repairing the dead skin around the wound while she is pregnant.

A pregnant Tulsa woman is recovering from a brown recluse spider bite that happened while she was sleeping.

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The incident happened about a month ago. Kendall Butler told FOX23 she woke up, killed the spider and took it to the hospital with her immediately.

Doctors were able to stop the infection and keep her unborn child safe by using antibiotics. However, she does have a large area of skin on her stomach that died because of the spider’s venom.

Doctors said they don’t want to fully treat the wound yet because of the baby. Originally, the plan was to evacuate the wound and then look into skin grafts once the child is born.

Now, Butler’s doctors say the wound needs to be evacuated sooner. They will wait until July 10 when the baby is just seven week from the due date. Experts believe she’ll be strong enough then to be born early, just in case anything happens during the procedure.

A Green Country entomologist told FOX23 that Oklahoma’s mild winter caused more dangerous insects to come out early.

Experts say people should take precautions against insects while outside, but say there isn’t much to be done indoors but have homes sprayed.

The Centers for Disease Control says that even though people fear bug spray with DEET is bad for pregnant women, it’s actually recommended -- up to 30 percent of the spray's ingredients.

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