• Police arrest third suspect in north Tulsa bank robbery investigation


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • A woman came into the Bank of America near Pine and MLK near Aug. 17 and gave clerks a note demanding money and threatening a bomb.
    • A bundle attached to a cell phone was found; a bomb squad was called in and cleared the scene 
    • Police later identified the woman as 17-year-old Tyonnie Anderson. She was arrested along with her boyfriend, Edd Payne.
    • Payne is suspected of driving the getaway car.
    • Manuel Britto was arrested a week later.
    • WATCH the video reports above for more details.

    Tulsa police arrested a third person in connection with a bank robbery last week.

    FOX23 was outside the Bank of America near Pine and MLK Boulevard after police said a woman walked in, said she had a bomb and demanded money.

    Days later, Tyionna Anderson, 17, and Edd Payne, 33, were arrested.

    On Thursday, police also arrested Manuel Britto.

    Detectives said they are looking into whether or not Britto and Payne forced Anderson to rob the bank. The are both convicted felons.

    The duo was allegedly in the getaway car during the crime and used the money to buy another car.

    Investigators at the scene determined that Anderson did not have a bomb with her.

    FOX23 will continue to follow the investigation.

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