Without evidence, Giuliani says Dems had central vote fraud plan

With legal efforts going nowhere in the courts, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer signaled no end to challenges over the results of the 2020 elections, accusing Democrats and President-Elect Joe Biden of a sprawling fraud scheme, but producing no evidence to confirm such a plan.

In a Capitol Hill news conference, Rudy Giuliani denounced the President’s loss in Pennsylvania as ‘almost statistically impossible,’ decried the vote review in Georgia, and suggested the President could somehow go into the courts in order to overcome a 450,000 vote deficit in Virginia.

Giuliani said the evidence - which he refused to detail - “would suggest that there was a plan from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud.”

In many ways, Giuliani was recirculating evidence which had already been tossed out by various courts, as the GOP legal efforts have had two minor wins versus over 30 defeats.

The Giuliani news conference came as President Trump remained inside the White House, lobbing verbal grenades on Twitter, but remaining silent in public on the elections for a fourteenth straight day.

In court, it was yet another day of setbacks for the President’s legal team, as the Trump Campaign dropped a lawsuit in Michigan, and a judge in Arizona ruled against GOP efforts to block the certification of votes in Maricopa County.

“Trump and his allies are now 1-30 in post-election litigation,” crowed Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias.

That had to be updated before dinner on Thursday, as a federal judge in Georgia tossed out another GOP challenge, an effort to stop the certification of votes on Friday.

In Delaware, President-Elect Joe Biden told reporters after a briefing with various governors that it was more than time for President Trump to concede the race, and allow the transition to start.

“I don’t know his motive, but I think it’s totally irresponsible,” Biden said.