• Police warn residents about alleged random shootings in parts of Tulsa

    By: Rick Maranon


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    • Tulsa police say rival groups have been shooting at each other across the city.
    • Officers warn residents to be vigilant about their surroundings.
    • Police arrested one man believed to be connected to one of the recent shootings.

    TULSA, Okla. - Police are warning Tulsa residents about being caught in the cross-fire of two rival groups who have allegedly been shooting at each other in various parts of north Tulsa.

    Police have responded to four shooting scenes where no one was injured, but dozens of shell casings were found all over the area. Witnesses have also called to report bullet holes in their cars and houses.

    "We have two rival groups out there, and for some reason, these groups have decided that they're going to just start shooting at each other," Officer Jeanne MacKenzie said. "We're very lucky the only person to have been shot so far is someone who we believe to be someone who was shooting at someone else and is assumed to be a part of this feud."

    MacKenzie said there is no immediate action a resident can take to make themselves safer, but she said people should be more vigilant of their surroundings, so they aren't caught in the crossfire.

    "I would say 'hit the ground' to get out of the way, but with the way these shots are being fired, these bullets are just going in every direction," she said.

    Police arrested Aundre Rogers after he showed up with a gunshot wound at Hillcrest Hospital in midtown Tulsa. Police obtained a search warrant and said they found evidence Rogers was involved in one of the recent gun battles that have now broken out.

    At recent count, there have been four rolling gun battles this week. The locations are:

    • Near East 56th Street North and North Peoria Avenue
    • East Jasper Street and M. L. K. Jr Blvd.
    • East 36th Street North and M. L. K. Jr Blvd.
    • East Young Place and M. L. K. Jr. Blvd.

    Hours later after another gun battle, Tulsa police arrested Arnold Briggs for another shooting in north Tulsa.

    Police say though all four gun battles appear to be connected, they still don't have a motive.

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