Police: Tulsa man was 'looking for love in all the wrong places' when someone robbed him during date

They are working to identify suspects.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say a man agreed to meet a woman at an apartment in south Tulsa when he was robbed.
  • They are looking for the public to help them identify the suspects.
  • The man reportedly met the woman through a dating app.

Tulsa police this Valentine’s Day say it wasn’t love at first sight for a man trying to meet a woman he’d been dating through a website.

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Detectives said Tuesday they need help identifying two people they say robbed a man after luring him through the dating website.

They said a man agreed to meet a woman on the site only to be robbed by her partner.

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Though the incident reportedly happened in October, police say the victim didn’t file a report until January.

Investigators told FOX23 the man agreed to meet up with the woman at a south Tulsa apartment, but things quickly went south.

The victim told police he was following the woman up the steps to her apartment near 6500 South Lewis when someone else attacked him from behind. He went to the hospital with injuries after he said a man pistol-whipped him.

The victim said the woman later deleted her profile from the dating app, but a couple weeks later, he saw her on a new profile that showed pictures of her with the other suspect.

Police say they believe the duo is victimizing others as well.