Police: Shot fired in Tulsa road rage incident

Police: Shot fired in Tulsa road rage incident

TULSA, Okla. — A man is in jail after police said a road rage incident led to a gunshot.

Tulsa police said the victim was driving near 68th and Peoria when the suspect, William Jackman, honked at him. The victim then flipped him off.

Jackman followed the victim to his apartment near 57th and Peoria and pointed a gun at him then threatened to kill him, police said.

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The victim told police he turned to walk away when the suspect fired a shot. Officers later recovered a shell casing from the scene.

Police caught up with Jackman’s car a short time later where they found him in the car with a woman and a child. Officers found a loaded gun in his center console.

Police said this is an important reminder to keep your cool around strangers and on the road, especially with the new constitutional carry law going into effect in November. They said you never know who may be carrying a weapon, and a fight in traffic is not worth losing your life.