Police seek trio accused of stealing purses from Hurts Donuts in downtown Tulsa

An investigation is underway.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say three people accused of stealing purses from a downtown Tulsa donut shop could face felony charges.
  • Hurts Donut's owner says a woman looked out, while two men stole purses.
  • An investigation is underway.

An investigation is underway after someone stole purses from workers at a popular new donut shop in downtown Tulsa.

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The owner of Tulsa’s Hurts Donut shop said it all happened around 3 a.m. one night last week.

Then, a woman reportedly acted as a lookout in front of the store while two men sneaked inside a propped-open side door and got away with two purses.




According to the owner, the manager saw the woman standing outside and brought her indoors, because she said it was dangerous to be out alone at that time of night.

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The woman then reportedly told the manager she was just waiting for a ride and gave her a hug for her kindness.




Police say the suspects could face felony charges.

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