Police: Sapulpa woman said she needed to escape zombies, tried to steal truck

SAPULPA, Okla. — A woman said she was trying to escape zombies when she attempted to steal a commercial truck, according to Sapulpa police.

Police said the driver of a truck carrying water bottles and jugs called police when a woman hopped into his truck while it was unattended and locked the doors. The keys were in the truck parked at Walmart.

Suspect Tamanda Billings told the employee that she needed to get away from zombies.

Police said when they got there, Billings was trying to get the truck in gear and drive off. She refused to unlock the door and get out, so the officer used his flashlight to break the window and get her out.

Police said they have had multiple run-ins with Billings in the past. In February, police said she committed a similar crime in the auto area of Walmart. The victim told police she hopped into his car near the garage and tried to drive off but was caught before she could get away.

She was also arrested for arson in 2014 when she reportedly admitted to police she tried to light her ex-boyfriend’s house on fire.

Billings was arrested for attempted car theft, concealing stolen property and trespassing.

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