• Man shot multiple times, dog dies in east Tulsa shooting

    By: Jenny Young


    TULSA, Okla. - A man is in the hospital after police say he broke into an east Tulsa apartment early Thursday morning.

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    Tulsa police told FOX23 DeAndre Vermaire broke into an upstairs unit at Bristol Park Apartments with Case Vermaire and Trevor George on the morning of December 6.

    The people living in the apartment were in the bedroom and shot the DeAndre Vermaire when he and Trevor came in. Police do not know if the suspected intruders fired a shot, but the tenants' dog died in the shooting.

    Police said the DeAndre Vermaire is recovering in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

    Police said all three men involved in the home invasion will be arrested for first-degree burglary and armed robbery.


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