Police: Man with stolen car caught on Tulsa officer's mailbox security camera

Mailbox camera leads police to suspected mail thief

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa police officer used his own home security cameras to catch an alleged mail thief.

Police arrested Wesley Stonebarger in August on suspicion of having a stolen vehicle. He could also potentially face federal charges from the postal inspector for mail theft.

Officer Jason Hamm said he saw Stonebarger on his security camera pull up to the mailbox at 1 a.m. When Stonebarger saw the camera, he drove away. Hamm said the camera caught Stonebarger going through Hamm’s neighbors mailboxes before he stopped at Hamm's.

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The camera showed the make and model of the car clearly. A couple days later, Hamm saw someone was arrested in that car because it was reported stolen. He looked at the mug shot and matched it to his security video. The person who reported the car stolen also confirmed it was Stonebarger.

Hamm got all the mail from the car and returned it to his neighbors.

He also turned over his video and information to the postal inspector for possible charges to be filed for mail theft.

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