• Police: Man attempts to steal woman's car outside Tulsa grocery store

    By: Paris Holmes


    TULSA, Okla. - Police are looking for a man who allegedly ambushed a woman in the parking lot of a north Tulsa grocery store.

    The incident happened at the Supermercados Morelos near 15th and North Harvard.

    Officials said the young woman placed her groceries and her child in the car when a man approached her with a knife and demanded money and her keys.

    The victim told FOX23 she agreed to give him what he wanted if he allowed her to get her child out of the car. She said he threatened to take the child, and at some point, he cut the woman.

    Police said the man became frustrated when he couldn’t find the keys and saw more people leaving the store. He left with just her purse and without causing further harm.

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