• Police: Man accused of shoplifting found with nearly 20 likely stolen payment cards

    By: Rick Maranon


    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - A convenience store clerk fed up with shoplifters tipped Sand Springs police off to a man accused of stealing at least 18 credit, debit and EBT cards from various places throughout the Tulsa area.

    Shana Compton told FOX23 Friday that Corey Moses bundled up numerous snacks in his arms and then made a run for it at the Sav-A-Trip on West Wekiwa Road Thursday.

    Compton chased after Moses and got her merchandise back, and as Moses ran away, she called police.

    “It may have been just a few dollars of stuff, but we’re sick of the thefts that have been happening for way too long,” Compton told FOX23.

    When police caught up with Moses, he said he had multiple cards with him to use in case of emergency, his arrest report states. However, police believe the 18 credit, debit and EBT cards are stolen.

    Compton said she’s amazed that Moses didn’t pay for his snacks because he was clearly holding a $10 bill and also later found out he had the multiple payment cards on his person.

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