• Tulsa police investigate Madison Dickson's possible gang ties


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Tulsa police confirm to FOX23 that an officer-involved shooting occurred in south Tulsa Saturday.
    • It happened near 91st and Harvard. Officers blocked the street at 91st for the investigation.
    • Officials said Madison Dickson opened fire on police. Officers fired back, but they don't believe anyone was hit.
    • Dickson was then hit by a patrol car.
    • Dickson is accused of a violent crime spree across the city.
    • Police confirmed before 3:30 p.m. that Madison was killed.
    • Investigators are looking into the possibility that Dickson had gang ties.
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    Tulsa police confirm that suspect Madison Dickson is dead after a violent confrontation with police on Saturday.

    Officials said they were searching for Dickson in connection with multiple violent crimes in the last week.

    Investigators tracked her down to an apartment complex near 81st and Sheridan Saturday morning. They saw Dickson get into a truck and followed her to around 91st and Harvard.

    Police told FOX23 the truck pulled over, Dickson got out and started shooting at officers.

    Dickson was then hit with a patrol car. Officials said she died after hitting her head on the ground. She was never hit by a bullet.

    No officers were injured.

    Investigators said they are looking at several angles involving the alleged crimes, including the possibility that Dickson has gang ties.

    A homicide detectives told FOX23 that her actions and mentality are indicative of someone in a gang and some of her known associates are mob members.

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