Police look for suspect after attempted armed robbery at north Tulsa gas station

An attempted armed robbery suspect didn't get away with any money on Saturday morning near 66th Street North and Peoria. Deputies say the suspect went in with a gun, demanded money, but the clerk didn't hand it over. The suspect ran out and drove away in a green SUV, police say.
  • Tulsa County deputies say just before 2:30am on Saturday, a suspect attempted to rob the gas station at 6401 N. Peoria and got away.
  • Tulsa police also responded
  • Police on scene told FOX23 that the suspect asked for money, but the clerk didn't give him any.
  • Deputies on scene say the suspect  drove away in a green SUV.
  • Police say the clerk was protected behind the bulletproof glass.
  • No one was hurt.
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