Police investigating gunfight outside west Tulsa QuikTrip

Arrest warrant issued for the suspect in west Tulsa gas station shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Police are investigating a gunfight outside a QuikTrip in west Tulsa late Monday night.

Tulsa police told FOX23 they were called to the QuikTrip location near 23rd Street and Southwest Boulevard around 11:30 p.m.

Officers say a group of about six men were inside the store causing problems -- stealing candy and bothering employees.

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The store's security guard kicked the group out of the store and an argument outside the store followed.

Police say the group left with important paperwork from the store's counter and the security guard followed them out to get it back. The group threatened the security guard before he went back into the store.

Before he got back inside he heard the group harassing a woman pumping her gas outside.

Police say the security guard started to escort them off the property when one of the three remaining men at the scene pulled a gun and the security guard drew his gun and fired toward the group. They ran to a nearby McDonald's restaurant -- returning fire toward the QuikTrip.

Officers found shell casings at the McDonald's and at least one bullet that hit the QuikTrip store.

Investigators have identified one of the suspects as James Casey Bell. He's been charged with shooting with intent to kill.

Police say they do not believe anyone was hurt.

QuikTrip told FOX23's Naomi Keitt they are deferring all questions to Tulsa police:

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