Police arrest woman in connection with disappearance of Tulsa shooting witness

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police say three people are accused of beating and kidnapping a shooting witness.
  • Courtney Palmer disappeared November 10, just days after a shooting.
  • Police say there is a rumor that Palmer was fed to hogs in Muskogee.
  • Police arrested Charletha Mack on Dec. 14 in connection with Palmer's disappearance.

Police are looking into a rumor that an alleged shooting witness was killed and fed to hogs in Muskogee.

Investigators are still looking into the disappearance of Courtney Palmer.

Palmer is believed to be a witness in a November 8 shooting at the Tamarack Apartments in south Tulsa.

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Officers say Palmer was intoxicated and someone took his car keys from him in the parking lot, sparking a fight. Because the owner of the car was not in the parking lot, police say Palmer and the owner returned to the parking lot to recover the keys.

Police say the car's owner was shot during an altercation. The alleged gunman was interviewed and released pending further investigation. Police said they tried to interview Palmer, but because he was under the influence of PCP, he was not much help.

Now, officers say they think Palmer was killed just days later.

Homicide investigators say they have forensic evidence that Courtney Palmer was tortured and beaten to death in a north Tulsa apartment on November 10. They say the evidence they found and the length of time over which it happened leads them to be certain there’s no way he could have survived it.

They said he was arrested in the past with the November 8 shooting victim on PCP complaints. Investigators believe Palmer's lifestyle may have something to do with his disappearance.

Officers told FOX23 there is a rumor that Palmer was fed to hogs in Muskogee.

They have not counted him in with 2016 homicide numbers yet, though, because they have yet to find a body.

Police say, on the other hand, that they believe their investigation has been sufficient enough.

Three people have been arrested.

Officers say Gerald Lowe, Mikayla Riddle and another womanare believed to be involved with Palmer's disappearance. They face complaints surrounding the beating and kidnapping. Police don't believe Thomas was involved in the actual beating, but they say she did not report the crime and initially lied to detectives.

The trio was captured at the Brighton Park Apartments after police served a search warrant.

Charletha Mack was arrested later in connection to Palmer's disappearance.

Officers say they recovered the truck they believe was used to transport Palmer's body.

Homicide detectives say they believe the whole group was on PCP all the time and that could have a lot to do with the violent and horrific nature of the story.


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