• Police investigate after local musician finds kitten dumped in Tulsa landfill

    By: Katie Higgins


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police are looking for the person who left a kitten in a trash bag at a north Tulsa landfill.
    • Steve Pryor, a local musician, found the kitten Thursday.
    • He said the kitten has a new home.


    Police are investigating after a local musician said he found a kitten dumped at a Tulsa landfill.

    Steve Pryor said he did not know he would save a kitten from a dump when he went to drop off trash last Thursday.

    Pryor said he was at a north Tulsa landfill when he heard pipes like he has never heard before.

    He said meows led him to a kitten inside one of three black lawn bags.

    The kitten now has a new home. She is only 10 days old, and she now has someone to feed her and a warm bed to sleep in.

    Investigators are looking at papers found in the trash bag to see if it will help them lead to the person responsible.

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