Police: More human remains found in Tulsa creek

TULSA, Okla. — Update 01/26/2020: Tulsa police say search and rescue crews uncovered more human bones Saturday. They found an arm and piece of a rib. The bones were found near Pine and Memorial.

Detectives are still don’t know the person’s identity. It’s an on going investigation.

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Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa police said officials are investigating human remains found in the woods near East Pine Street and Memorial Monday night.
  • Police said teens walking near a creek found a human leg with footwear attached.
  • A further search uncovered a partial human skull.
  • Police said the remains are skeletal and do not show obvious signs of trauma.
  • The medical examiner's office will investigate the remains. Check back for updates.
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Authorities are investigating after police say teens discovered human remains in a Tulsa creek Monday night.

Tulsa police say they were called to a creek near East Pine Street and Memorial around 8 p.m. after teens looking for frogs in the creek found a human leg with a shoe still on it.

The teens told their parents about the discovery who then called officers to the scene.

Officers found the leg and a partial human skull nearby.

Police say the remains have likely been in the area for a while because they were skeletal. Officers say the remains showed no obvious signs of trauma.

Investigators do not know where the person died because the body parts were found in the creek next to a stormwater sewer which could have likely brought the body there from somewhere upstream.

The Tulsa Police Department is investigating the findings and a medical examiner is handling the human remains.

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