Police, firefighters rescue dog after it gets stuck in Broken Arrow creek

Teddy the dog is recovering after his rescue.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police and firefighters rescued Teddy the dog from a Broken Arrow creek.
  • They said he spent a long time there.
  • Teddy is recovering.
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A dog is recovering after Broken Arrow police and firefighters rescued him last week from an area creek.

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Police say Teddy may have been hit by a car when he fell into Haikey Creek.

Dog was stuck in Haikey Creek all night. Our neighborhood came to the rescue with the BA POLICE

Posted by Jim Passmore on Sunday, March 19, 2017

They say he was there for a long time.

The eight-year-old dog is a bit overweight, which rescuers say may have contributed to his long time in the creek. 

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Teddy reportedly bit a rescuer while they were trying to get him out of the creek, but they do not believe he shows any signs of rabies. He is on a rabies quarantine just to be sure.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals took Teddy into custody, which bought him time to recover. If he had been brought to the Broken Arrow animal shelter, Tuesday would be his last day allowed there.

Broken Arrow police and firefighters worked together to help rescue a dog stuck in an area creek. See footage from the rescue and learn more about Teddy the dog on FOX23 News at 10:15. http://bit.ly/2nQc3Rw

Posted by FOX23 News on Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Veterinary experts are running tests on Teddy, because they say he is very lethargic and not acting well.

They say they will assess him after the results of the tests come back, and he will be put up for adoption if they are unable to find his owner.

Teddy will need a loving owner to put him on a diet.

Donate to help Teddy here: http://animalallianceok.org/support/donate/