Floor cleaner blamed for exposion at Cleveland plant

Floor cleaner blamed for exposion at Cleveland plant

CLEVELAND, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • An explosion started a fire at the ICES Corporation in Cleveland, Oklahoma.
  • Two people were injured.
  • The building is expected to be a total loss.
  • The fire was finally burnt out at 4 a.m.; the cause is likely the result of a floor buffer sparking and burning the chemical used to clean the floor.
  • OSHA is also investigating.
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An explosion just south of Cleveland, Oklahoma, dealt serious damage to a business there Tuesday afternoon.

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Police say ICES Corporation is likely a "total loss."

Several crews on the scene battled the active fire until Wednesday morning.

WATCH: FOX23 was able to get a live look of the fire Tuesday.

Fire Near Cleveland

A fire is burning after an explosion near Cleveland, Oklahoma. FOX23 is on the scene with a LIVE look: http://bit.ly/ClevelandExplosion NOTE: There is no sound.

Posted by FOX23 News on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Firefighters were able to save the flag at the site of the explosion.




Two people were injured and taken to Tulsa hospitals for burns. Fire officials say the victims were talking when taken out of the building.

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Only two people were reportedly inside the building work on the floors when a large explosion went through the building.

A local pilot was able to give FOX23 an aerial view after the explosion.




The Cleveland fire chief says temperatures inside the building likely reaches 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. He says the building insulated the fire and allowed it to heat up and spread quickly.

Investigators have not determined the cause of the blaze, but they say they do not expect foul play.

The Oklahoma State Fire Marshall's Office conducted a formal investigation once the fire was fully extinguished Wednesday morning.

Officials say a floor cleaner buffer sparked and ignited the chemical used to clean the floor.

The company, an official Defense Department contractor, makes aircraft honeycomb. ICES Corporation employs around 50 people and is one of Cleveland's largest employers.