• Police: Duo has spent months forging checks in Bristow woman's name


    BRISTOW, Okla. - Police are working to identify a man and woman accused of repeatedly forging checks in the name of a Bristow woman.

    The victim said the problems started in December, when the man took her wallet out of her purse as she was leaving a store. The incident was caught on security video. The man is seen following her out of the store while holding her wallet.

    The victim said she quickly shut down her debit and credit cards, but the wallet contained her driver's license and a client’s check. Ever since that day, police said a man and possibly a woman have been forging checks all over Oklahoma using the victim’s name and address.

    Each check has bounced, but because they are written in the victim’s name, she’s been receiving collections letters for months. She has dozens of them from firms representing Kohl’s, Target, Walmart and Lowe’s.

    The victim said she’s been able to work with each business and provide her police report, but the problems have been nonstop.

    She and Bristow police want the suspects caught so that she can have her life back.

    Many of the stores where the forged checks were used have been around the Chandler area.

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