• Police: Collinsville woman accused of repeatedly calling 911 to report false snake bites

    By: Jackie DelPilar


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    COLLINSVILLE, Okla. - Officers arrested a Collinsville woman after police said she made multiple bogus calls to 911, prompting large responses from police, fire and medics.

    Court papers state Lita Jo Young called 911 at least three times last June, saying each time that she'd been bitten by a snake. The first time, medics didn't see any sign of a bite but sent her to the medical center to get checked.

    About two weeks later, police said she called again and said she was bitten by a snake. At the time she called, firefighters were busy working a fire at an apartment complex. First responders had to be diverted from the fire to go to Young's aid. Again, she showed no sign of a snakebite.

    Police said a few days after that, she called again, saying she was bitten by a snake. Medics said there was no sign of any bite, abrasion or any trauma whatsoever. When medics questioned her about repeated calls to 911, police said she was defensive and refused medical treatment.

    Medics told officers Young acts and appears normal, is lucid in her communication and behavior and was not a mental health patient.

    Police said these calls are a strain on resources and endanger community members who may be experiencing actual emergencies.

    It's especially stressful for the city of Collinsville, which has limited emergency personnel. The 911 call center often just consists of one person handling both phone calls and dispatching.

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