Police chase in Sand Springs leads to manhunt in west Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Sand Springs police are looking for a man who led them on a chase in a stolen vehicle Friday morning.

The Sand Springs Police Department (SSPD) said they were notified when a plumbing company in Sand Springs saw one of their vehicles was stolen and moving on its GPS system.

SSPD Lieutenant Eric Kimura said the vehicle was travelling eastbound on Highway 412.

A police pursuit started around 6:45 a.m., and the man led police on a chase down over a levy on the Arkansas River near West 8th Street and South 39th West Avenue in west Tulsa.

“It looks like he ran through a concrete barrier to get on the levy,” said Kimura.

The man then crashed the vehicle into a tree and ran away from the scene.

Police do not know who the suspect is but they said he is a white man, about 6-foot-tall, skinny and was last seen wearing a camo jacket and blue jeans.

The search for the man is ongoing with help from a K-9 unit. Police said no officers have been injured.